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Leigh Law is Roaring to the Rescue

Real people have real problems that need resolution…expeditiously, reasonably, satisfactorily, in what is often a complex, intricate, and confusing legal maze. Roaring to the Rescue is what LEIGH LAW does…with knowledge, skill, common sense…court decisions are lengthy, costly, and seldom satisfactory. LEIGH LAW’s overall advice in MOST situations is mediation, compromise, obtain a good result, and move on…litigation is a last resort, a trial is risky. Debt Collectors are another story! If a debt collector is violating the law, then Leigh Law definitely wants to sue and win!

Leigh Law’s pledge to every client is honesty, integrity, & keeping the client’s best interest, needs, and wants first and foremost.

Leigh Law is small enough for individualized recognition but large enough to meet any legal challenge. Leigh Law’s objective is to exceed expectations.

Leigh Law roars for individuals in almost all aspects of life…whether real estate, personal injury, debt collection defense, criminal issues, estate planning, family problems, divorce, employment, gender, or racial discrimination, small or large, Leigh Law wants to be YOUR go-to office for advice and counsel.

LEIGH LAW accommodates all clients with evening, weekend, and home appointments, payment plans & complimentary consultations.

If it is important to you, it is important to LEIGH LAW…Let LEIGH LAW Roar to your Rescue!

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Legal advice is unlike any other kind of service. Very personal, important matters and long-term consequences are at stake and it is important to have confidence in your attorney and trust the people with whom you are working.

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