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Child Maltreatment Registry Appeals

In Arkansas, anyone can report someone to the Child Abuse Hotline. The report is confidential and is routed to the Arkansas State Police, Crimes Against Children’s Division for investigation. A single investigator (with no legal background) after interviewing all relevant parties, including the child if the child is old enough, determines if the report is “substantiated” or “unsubstantiated.”

If the report is substantiated by the investigator, then the alleged offender is notified of the finding and advised of his or her right to a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. An ALJ is an attorney who, after hearing all of the evidence, will determine if the allegations were proven by a “preponderance of the evidence.” An alleged offender is entitled to counsel at this hearing, and it is highly recommended that you hire someone with experience in defending these allegations at the administrative hearings.

The attorneys at Leigh Law have represented many alleged offenders at these hearings — ranging from allegations of neglect, or non-accidental infliction of physical harm to a child/ren — with a pattern of successful results for clients. These allegations frequently appear in custody battles between parents; we have found at Leigh Law that many times the allegations are unfounded and stem from disgruntled parents in dirty divorces or custody/visitation battles.

Alleged offenders who do not exercise their right to a hearing in front of an ALJ are placed on the Child Maltreatment Registry. Being on the Registry can negatively affect one’s ability to find employment or volunteer with any Churches or other non-profits where children are present. After a period of twelve (12) months, alleged offenders have the opportunity to petition to be removed from the Registry.

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