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Construction Law

In construction law, all parties involved are required by law to act in good faith while fulfilling their contractual obligations. Any disputes that arise are governed by construction laws. This area of law is extremely complex and requires a very knowledgeable attorney to navigate all of the contracts involved.

Issues that arise

The vast majority of complaints with the Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau involve homeowners complaining about construction, home repair, or home remodel jobs. Issues with contractors and subcontractors can get ugly fast with threats of lawsuits and mechanic's liens.

Architect on building site

Mechanic’s Liens

Mechanic’s Liens exist to protect low-level parties in a construction project, including subcontractors and suppliers. The lien can occur when a general contractor you hired does not pay the subcontractors he employed to complete the project.

Contractor looking at home

When subcontractors have not been paid by the general contractor, they will inform you of an impending mechanic lien. You are then required to pay the subcontractors what they were supposed to receive from the general contractor. This results in potentially thousands of dollars in unexpected costs that you did not expect to pay!

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