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Debt Collection Defense

Debt Collectors are ruthless and have no shame! They will sue on the smallest alleged debts, not follow the Arkansas Rules of Civil Procedure, pursue debts that are past the statute of limitations, not provide an appropriate summons, and will sue without the proper evidence needed to prove the case. Debt Collectors sue on thousands of debts and hope that you default. We charge a fee to defend once you’ve been sued, but often we are able to countersue or initiate arbitration and put us in a position to obtain a settlement which includes dismissal of the alleged debt AND the debt collector paying us damages for their violations.

Whether you are sued in District Court or Circuit Court by a debt collector, call Leigh Law to evaluate your possible defenses. Whatever you do, do NOT IGNORE a lawsuit. Defend your rights. Like bullies, at the first sign of legitimate defense, debt collectors tuck tail and run!

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