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Attorney Ad Litem & Supervised Visitation Services

 What is an Ad Litem?

An Ad Litem is a special attorney appointed by the court to represent children or wards in domestic and probate cases. The job requires neutrality, finesse, organization and investigative skills.

The process involves document gathering, parental interviews, child interviews, witness interviews and a recommendation to the Court at the conclusion. 

Common complaints about ad litems are they take too long, don’t communicate with the parties involved, account for family or cultural customs, are easily “tricked” by manipulative parents or children, and they cost too much money! When paid hourly, the ad litem bills can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. 

What is Supervised Visitation? 

More often than you think, parties request and judges order supervised visitation by one parent due to allegations of drug use or unsafe home circumstances. The million dollar question is who supervises! In-laws, ex In-laws, family friends, no one is neutral and no one trusts someone associated with the other side in the custody case! 

Pride Professionals overs supervised visitation by neutral supervisors for low, set prices, in a neutral environment, offering video and audio recordings, as ordered by the Court.  

Why Pride Professionals?

The bedrock of Leigh Law is a working Arkansan’s law firm dedicated to clear concise communication, affordable fees, transparency in the process, reasonableness under the circumstances. After years of hearing the same complaints about ad litems and lack of supervised visitation services, founder Victoria Leigh thought we can do better than this! and Pride Professionals – a sister company – was born!  

Pride Professionals is a full-service, transparent, professional services firm offering ad litem and supervised visitation services. If you need an ad litem in your case or you’ve been ordered to supervised visitation with your children, check out our website or email us at [email protected]


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