Communication With Us

One of the top complaints about lawyers is never being able to get a hold of them! Leigh Law will NOT be guilty of this complaint! 

Leigh Law keeps clients informed of the status of their cases in real time as the case progresses via email. We also provide routine monthly status letters/updates. Clients do not have to call Leigh Law because we keep you in the loop.

Most attorneys’ email addresses and cell phone numbers are highly guarded but not at Leigh Law. Leigh Law’s attorneys’ and support staffs’ emails are freely and friendly provided to everyone. Tori shares her cell phone often.  We can’t be your lawyer if you can’t talk to us when you need us!

No Prompts or Voicemail

Our office is staffed full-time from 8am to 5pm Monday-Friday. A live person answers the phone. No prompts or frustrating voicemail at Leigh Law! 


We’ve not yet found a way to be totally paperless, but with that in mind our standard form of communication is via email. We share opinions, analysis, documents, drafts, offers, letters, copies via the attachment feature of emails. If a client doesn’t have an email, we will happily communicate via snail mail, fax, or phone. 

We strongly encourage email as your primary form of communication with us. We promise that all emails will be returned within 1 business day. Email is the fastest way to communicate and your response/answer will be much more timely if you email. Email also allows easy tracking of communication in your case and makes it easy to keep other Leigh Law team members up to date. 

At client’s preference, we offer a secure electronic message option. It requires an additional login and password and we’ve found that most clients prefer regular email. If you’d like to use our secure messaging option, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

In-Person Contact

Email and phone calls can only go so far! Initial consultations are generally in person as are court preparation appointments. Immediately after setting a court hearing or trial, we always schedule an in-person court preparation appointment with the client. Preparedness and confidence are absolute at Leigh Law.

Emergencies & After Hours Contact

After hours, calls are forwarded to the on duty attorney for emergencies. We are dedicated to being able to handle any emergencies as they arise in real time. You should leave a voicemail detailing the emergency and someone will return your call as soon as humanly possible. If it’s not an emergency, then calls will be returned by email or phone the next business day. 

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

Schedule Your Free Consultation Now

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