Consumer Protection & Debt Collection Defense

Any issue that you as a consumer of goods encounters, Leigh Law can help you solve – from buying lemon cars to being harassed by debt collectors or suffering from inaccurate credit reporting, let Leigh Law use consumer protection laws to protect you!

Debt Collection Defense

Debt Collectors rely on YOU ignoring the paperwork. Let us help you!

Leigh Law is one of the very few firms in Arkansas that uses the “mandatory arbitration” clauses as a SWORD and not a shield. 

No matter how dire you think your situation is, call Leigh Law, if we can help we will Roar to the Rescue! 

Just like the police in criminal matters, debt collectors are allowed to lie to you! Don’t be a victim. Let us protect your rights.

If you’ve been sued by a debt collector or credit card company, call us immediately! The attorneys at Leigh Law have extensive experience in defending unsecured debt collection lawsuits. They can range from small alleged amounts owed to thousands of dollars of amounts owed. We price our defense based on the alleged amount owed and in what court you’ve been sued. Our techniques are very effective and we are able to resolve most debt collection lawsuits where our clients either don’t pay anything to the debt collector or only a small fraction.

At the same time that we defend these lawsuits, we look for violations of other consumer protection statutes and for arbitration clauses that we can use as a sword to counter-sue the debt collectors!

Considering Bankruptcy?

If you’re thinking about bankruptcy you should talk to us first! Maybe it can be avoided. Bankruptcy is a drastic step that takes years to recover from. If you have a small debt or only one or two issues, then Leigh Law might be able to help you avoid bankruptcy!

Our independent analysis is a neutral indicator of whether you can avoid bankruptcy, since we don’t handle the actual bankruptcy procedure so we’ve nothing to gain by guiding you in that direction. But if bankruptcy actually is the best option, we can refer you to several great debtor and creditor bankruptcy lawyers in town.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

There are federal and state statutes that protect consumers from debt collectors and their often unconscionable tactics; but, most consumers don’t know the debt collectors are violating these laws and that Leigh Law can stop them!

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and the Arkansas Fair Debt Collections Practices Act both provide strong protection to consumers against harassing tactics of debt collectors. Even if the alleged debt is accurate (many times they are not), debt collectors cannot harass, threaten, or intimidate you! If you are receiving phone calls or letters from debt collectors, preserve the evidence (letters and recorded messages) and allow Leigh Law to evaluate your case for a Plaintiff’s lawsuit against the debt collectors. Not only do we stop the harassing tactics of debt collectors, but we go on the offensive against the creditors who violate the laws. If we think your evidence supports an FDCPA lawsuit, we sue on contingency. You don’t owe us any money unless we win a settlement for you!

NEVER THROW AWAY A DEBT COLLECTION LETTER! NEVER ERASE A VOICEMAIL! Debt Collectors make mistakes all the time. Let us sue them for their violations of the law and get MONEY in your pocket!! There are countless consumer protection laws in place we can use to get rid of your alleged debt and make the debt collectors pay you.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

There are three major credit bureaus – Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. They are private companies and often report debts which are inaccurately reported to them by creditors. If you have inaccuracies on your credit report, consult with us to correct them. The Fair Credit Reporting Act has specific steps which must be followed to remove inaccurate reporting from your credit reports. We charge a fee to correct inaccuracies on your credit report. However, if the credit reporting companies do not follow the law, then there may be a basis for us to sue the credit reporting companies on your behalf. These lawsuits for violations of the FCRA are on contingency. You don’t owe us any money unless we win a settlement for you!

Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The ADTPA is a broad catchall statute which provides a private right of action for deceptive trade practices in any consumer business. Each situation must be evaluated separately to determine if the ADTPA is applicable to your set of facts. Call Leigh Law to determine if you have been taken advantage of and have a case under the ADTPA.

Arkansas Lemon Law

The Arkansas New Motor Vehicle Quality Assurance Act, Act 297 of 1993 (Lemon Law), provides procedures for a consumer to receive a replacement vehicle, or full refund, for a new motor vehicle which cannot be brought into conformity within the warranty provided.

Contractor Workmanship/Warranty Issues

90% of the Better Business Bureau complaints are about residential construction contractors! We represent homeowners against contractors who perform sub-par workmanship. We also provide guidance to contractors who wish to protect themselves in their contractual relationships with their customers. Leigh Law had extensive experience in mediating and litigating both sides of a construction disputes.

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