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Know, Protect, and Exercise Your Rights

Remember, police are concerned with aiding the prosecution in making a case against you. The vast majority of criminal cases end with the defendant pleading guilty because the accused talked to the police, not because the police necessarily had enough evidence to convict.

The police can lie to you about evidence they have, in order to get a confession. Always exercise your right to stay silent and hire an attorney when accused of a crime. This does not make you look guilty!

If you have found yourself stopped by police, there are many things you have a constitutional “right” to do, including declining searches of your person or possessions or giving statements.

Police are trained to act with authority when interacting with citizens. This can lead people to feel intimidated and voluntarily give up their rights! You have the right to say “no” to police searches. You have the right to not answer questions. If a police officer asks, “You wouldn’t mind if I took a look in your trunk?” you have the right to calmly say, “I do not consent to a warrant-less search.”

You also have a responsibility to behave in a respectful manner that does not escalate the situation. You should be calm and respectful, even if you disagree with being stopped or detained.

The criminal justice system is full of traps for defendants unfamiliar with the legal process. If you go along without an attorney, you could risk waiving your rights and harming your own interests. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim. Let Leigh Law provide the legal guidance and aggressive representation you need for successful criminal defense.

District Court/Misdemeanors

Traffic and misdemeanor charges are brought in what is called District Court. In District Court, a criminal defendant does not have the option of a jury trial. The judge, and the judge alone, decides your guilt or innocence. All Defendants have an absolute right to appeal to Circuit Court within thirty days if convicted, where you are entitled to a jury. District Court is an opportunity to resolve your case with limited attorney fees. Leigh Law attorneys are often able to obtain favorable results in District Court and resolve the issue finally for clients. You should treat District Court as seriously as you would Circuit Court so as to prevent the need, time and stress of an appeal.

If you are found or plead guilty in District Court you have thirty days to file an appeal to Circuit Court, no questions asked. You do not have to state a basis for your appeal or otherwise justify why you think you should be able to get another chance at defending yourself. Once appealed, the case starts all over again with a different judge and a different prosecutor and a jury. It’s a complicated process to appeal and you must follow the rules strictly. If you want to appeal, contact us immediately!


In Arkansas, the law does not allow prosecutors to reduce or dismiss DWIs, which means your only choice is to plead guilty or go to trial. The criminal defense attorneys at Leigh Law are experienced and trained in fighting these charges.

Leigh Law fights DWIs if there is a chance of prevailing at trial. If we don’t have grounds to win at trial, the goal turns to obtaining the best sentence for you.

For a first offense the punishment includes a fine ranging from $150-1000, 1 day to one year in jail, alcohol and MADD classes, 6-month DL suspension, a reinstatement fee, and a required interlock on your vehicle. A conviction affects your future ability to obtain employment and increased insurance premiums. Many jobs will not keep or hire someone with a DWI. These should be treated very seriously.


From sex crimes to gun or drug crimes to violent crimes, Leigh Law’s criminal defense team is experienced in representing Defendants accused of a variety of charges. Freedom is one of the most important tenets of our society; your freedom is worth protecting vigorously and you only get one bite at the apple of proving you are not guilty!

Traffic Tickets

If you are a CDL holder, then you should definitely call Leigh Law! Even when it is a first violation and even if you are driving in your own private vehicle, a moving violation can harm your employment status.

Non-commercial drivers can often achieve a reduction of the violation from moving to non-moving, but Arkansas law prevents city attorneys or prosecutors from doing that for you, as a CDL holder.

There are some techniques Leigh Law can use and that have been successful in the past to provide a benefit to CDL holders who are issued moving traffic violations.

For non-commercial drivers, Leigh Law typically does not handle run of the mill traffic tickets. As a service to our community, we provide guidance here for clients to handle their own traffic tickets!

Always be very polite to all you encounter – don’t take frustration out on the court or city staff. Ask for a deferral program or if you can have the violation reduced or “passed to dismissed.” If you can agree in writing (email) you should also be able to avoid having a hearing and missing work or school too!

When you are ticketed, you should appear at your first trial date and plead not guilty. Then you contact the City Attorney or Prosecutor handling the traffic tickets in that jurisdiction to work out a deal. You should ask that the citation be reduced to a non-moving traffic violation or for a deferral. If this is your first offense, usually you can obtain a plea deal where it stays off your driving record so your insurance rates do not increase. Once you work out your plea, you will need to attend the next court date to plead guilty and pay your fine. You should not hope to save money on fines as traffic tickets are a large source of revenue for towns. You can likely work out a payment plan, though! Be happy to keep it off your driving record!

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