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Leigh Liaisons is a sister company in the Lion Legal Services family offering confidential, practical mediation services to solve all manner of life’s issues.The bedrock of Lion Legal Services is providing frank, down to earth solutions to Working Arkansans, resolving clients’ issues effectively & efficiently, dedicated to clear communication, affordable fees, transparency, and reasonableness under the circumstances.

Traditional Mediation services are billed hourly with no guidance in the process and fees are unfettered, often running into the thousands of dollars. Leigh Liaisons offers a different plan.

Leigh Liaisons is a bare bones mediation firm offering realistic, no-nonsense mediation services at economical flat fees and payment plans.

Disputes are a trying time in life. Leigh Liaisons’ guidance resolves issues without spending thousands of dollars and avoids the time, stress, and money of protracted litigation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of “Alternative Dispute Resolution,” which is a fancy way of saying it is an alternative to the traditional model of going to court and letting a judge decide.

Mediation is compromise! It is much less stressful, less time consuming, and often much less expensive. Studies show that all parties are happier and tend to follow agreements reached through mediation better than court orders. The process is a facilitated process based on trainings and studies which move parties toward a resolution. It is not therapy or counseling.

Why spend months arguing, exchanging documents and financial records, hearings, orders, subpoenas, depositions… not mentioning literally tens of thousands of dollars in attorney, legal and court fees when professional MEDIATION services are available, convenient, rapid and very successful?  …that is, in a lawsuit there are usually multiple solutions or options that will resolve or settle the case.  

If you are in a lawsuit and are ordered to mediation or are interested in resolving your case through mediation instead, check out our sister company at leigh-liaisons.com or email [email protected] 

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