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We value our clients and your feedback is vital to our firm, so we may continually ensure that our attorneys and staff are providing top-notch services and maintaining strong customer relationships.

No client ever comes to our offices when he or she is in a great place in life – you don’t need an attorney when things are going well, so the subject matter is inherently stressful. At Leigh Law we understand the PROCESS to resolution is equally as important as the result. 

We are committed to high customer service – the number one complaint about attorneys is lack of communication with clients.

We remember that we are the employee and you are the employer – you are hiring us to do a job and we will do it well. 

Our job as attorneys is to thoroughly analyze options, give opinions and advice on what a likely, reasonable result is under the circumstances, help clients determine if a better result is likely if we litigate more, is that better result worth the time, stress, and money of litigation, etc. Our job is to remove emotion to make the best financial, economical, legal decision possible under the circumstances & sometimes we deliver unwelcome news.  

We aim for 5 stars for our communication with our clients, realistic advice & analysis, honestly in advising the least expensive, most reasonable resolution for clients’ problems, and absolute preparation for trial. We want to make the process as easy and understandable and least-stressful as possible. If we don’t deserve five stars, please call or email and tell us how we can improve.

If a particular Team Member was extra helpful, please mention him or her by name.

Every month we raffle a gift card for the clients who leave reviews that month. The winner is announced on our Facebook page. We hope you win!

We want to be your lawyers for life.

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